Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Walmart Spinal Deformity Screening!

Last week, I was out late shopping at WalMart, picking up a few things while on vacation 3+ hours from home.
As I pulled up to the only open register, there was a very friendly woman named Mary Anne who greeted me and helped me.  I couldn’t help but notice that she was supporting herself on the scanning counter, bent over, and appeared to have a scoliosis and kyphosis.  
While she scanned all my various items, I wondered if I should say something, but decided it was best to not make her uncomfortable, or make her think that I was trolling for business!  I also told myself that I need to try to separate my work from home life a bit more, which I have trouble doing!

However, when she took my credit card and driver’s license, she looked up at me and asked: “Are you Dr. Hey, of Hey Clinic?”
This really took me by surprise.
“Yes, I am!” , I replied.
Mary Anne then said:  “I have had several customers come up to this counter and see me bent over and suggest that I go to Raleigh to see you.  My business manager has also been a patient of yours, and suggested that I come to see you.  But I’m scared, and I can function pretty well with a walker and leaning on this counter.”

We then had a nice chat, not pushing surgery, but just letting her know that she is welcome to come up for a visit.

So, maybe it is ok to mix scoliosis care and shopping out in the real world!
It’s also nice to know that Hey Clinic is well known for spine care in Walmart stores well outside of Raleigh!

Dr. Lloyd Hey

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