Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Andrea, teenager with severe kyhosis corrective surgery now all smiles and looking awesome!

A few weeks ago, we saw Andrea back for follow-up after her kyphosis corrective surgery.
Andrea brought in a bunch of photos from home that she shared with us. In the top right, we have 2 pictures of Andrea from the side view. The left picture shows her preoperative posture, with her "slumped" shoulders, and abdomen folded over, and her breasts hanging low, and her kyphosis quite evident posteriorly. On the right we see Andrea after surgery, with her thoracic kyphosis now normal, with her shoulders nice and straight, and her breasts and abdomen now appearing to be in much better position and shape. In the lowest photo she show how her new "self-image" has helped her to lose weight, and flatten out her abdomen directly through the surgery, and also through diet and exercise motivated by her new posture and outlook.

On the top left photo, Andrea, Andrea's mom and I are in Hey Clinic standing up for her "graduation photo."

I must say that Andrea's story may be one of the most dramatic stories I have seen of a young lady who appeared to literally go through a miraculous transformation before and after surgery. Preoperatively, Andrea was very, very quiet and shy, keeping her head down, and almost hiding under her long hair. After surgery, she is like a different person!! She has a big, beamy smile, making great eye contact, and talking to my PA's, and other staff about the Prom, Prom Dresses, and what she has been up to all summer. Wow. Self-Image is Important.

We got a short video of Andrea sharing her experience before and after surgery that I need to figure out how to upload to this blog thing. But the hour is late.... More later.

Andrea, you look awesome, and we are so glad you are feeling great, and enjoying life more.

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery.


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