Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Emily, a Revision Scoliosis Young Lady Comes Back to Hey Clinic with Honeymoon Pictures!

On August 24, I got to see one of my favorite patients, named Emily back for follow-up with her new husband! Three or 4 years ago now when I was back at Duke Medical Center I did a complex posterior revision scoliosis surgery on Emily when she was still in college. She had previous anterior thoracolumbar surgery performed elsewhere, and had a very severe trunk collapse after surgery that left her severely decompensated to the side, with severe pain. I was able to revise her fusion from the posterior approach, and her posture came out great. I also had done a careful skin closure for her. She came back for routine follow-up a couple weeks ago with her new husband, looking great, and sharing her wedding and honeymoon photos. Take a look at her posterior posture and incision on the beach photo on the left. Lookin' good Emily! Emily is going to share some of her thoughts in a follow-up Blog sometime soon. She also did a Blog entry many moons ago, when we first started the website, which is probably back there in an archive somewhere.

Dr. Hey

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