Monday, September 24, 2007

FW: Two Years after Surgery with Hey Clinic.

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From: Tim ________________
To: Dr. Lloyd Hey
Sent: Mon Sep 24 14:10:54 2007
Subject: Two Years

Hello Dr. Hey, on September 19th I reached a major
milestone, that being my two year anniversary of
having you fix my chronic back problem.  Truthfully, I
can not think of any restriction I place on myself
beyond just good common sense.  I have learned to take
my time and lift or do things in a smart manner or
heavens to bid, ask for assistance!  The quality of my
life has changed so dramatically this past year it is
truly amazing.  I remember those moments along the
healing path when I thought, "will I every get beyond
this point" but time and exercise will get one there.

While I was never a good golfer, Nancy and I play
several evenings a week and we always walk with our
push carts and I'm playing the best golf of my life.
I even won the long ball contest during a local fund
raiser by tying our Pro with a 326 yard drive.

My Daughter Erica is making incredible progress on her
post surgery healing (Dec 06) and I keep reminding her
to just give it time.  She and I are blessed to have
met you and to have had you work your wonders on our
troubled backs.  We will always be appreciative and
thankful for all you and your fantastic staff have
done for us.

Thank you and God bless.


Tim _________________

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