Monday, September 17, 2007

What does a Decompressed Dural Sac (Spinal Canal) Look Like After Laminectomies? Surgery Video Sep 17 2007 Dr. Lloyd Hey, Hey Clinic

Here is a short video using our special intra-operative sterile camera mounted in the operative light over our surgical field. This camera hooks up to a large Plasma Screen monitor so the whole OR team can see exactly what we are doing, zoomed in up close and personal! It also allows us to have new nurses and other staff getting oriented to Duke Raleigh Hospital see what we really are doing. Pre-Med as well as physical therapy and occupational therapy students may watch video as well to learn the anatomy, and how we conduct the procedures.

In this short 30 second video, I show the dural sac exposed from T12 down to L5. A neurosurgical "sucker" is on the R side of the screen. Pedicle screws can be seen on either side. A bent metal probe called a "Ganz 4" is then gently passed out each of the nerve holes on each side, called the neural foramen to ensure that our decompressive laminectomy is complete, including the central area, lateral recess, and neural foramen.

This is the point in the case where if you listen real hard you can hear the nerves go "Ahhhh..."

Tomorrow this gentleman will be standing up and starting walking with better posture and hopefully less leg pain as the nerves recover.


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